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We are more than your regular outsourcing firm.

We are an employee-led company. Our team, who works for you, will always be at the forefront of who we are and will inform every business decision we make. We deliver the results you are after because we attract and retain the best people for the job.


We give a damn

About connecting the right talent for your company. We are here to help your business evolve. We adapt seamlessly to your business and offer efficient support while your business excels. Our team will complement your efforts by continuously implementing staff development and training activities, employee engagement initiatives, and reporting on key metrics.


    Ben Pullen

    Ben's a passionate builder of businesses and relationships.

    Initially focused in the Telecommunications sector, Ben founded Startel Communications (2006) and Vaya Mobile (2010) before exiting both (to Truphone and Amaysim, respectively). Ben diversified and went on to to have interests and involvement in many sectors including Bio-Medical, Tech, Hospitality, Marketing and of course, Outsourcing. Outposter was founded by Ben to fill a need in the market for a managed outsourced service for businesses who needed to grow and scale, sustainably, efficiently and ethically. Ben is a huge believer in the talent available in The Philippines and around the world and wants to connect that talent with businesses that are looking to succeed.


    Bel Soria

    Bel, over her lauded career, has designed and developed programs to continuously drive performance and quality service for companies like PayPal, Telus, Uber, and now with Outposter and its clients. She has the passion for building and nurturing a team from the ground up. She firmly believes that investing time in cultivating relationships with team members is crucial for shaping effective systems and procedures, resulting in superior outcomes. Bel has over 10 years of Management experience in Business Process Outsourcing and managing high-performance and high-volume teams.


    Nathan Platus

    Nathan is a proven and experienced Operations executive with over 15 years experience in building quality, happy and efficient teams.

    Nathan established hipages international operations in the Philippines scaling a team from 0 - 160 staff within 18 months as well as helping to establish a number of other foreign companies in The Philippines. Nathan brings a wealth of hands advice and experience to Outposter to help the business continue to scale and grow. After 5 years of living in The Philippines, Nathan is back in his hometown of Sydney. Nathan's has an executive MBA from AGSM UNSW hands-on.

  • Head of Human Resources

    Antonio Rodriguez

  • Recruitment Officer

    Roger Saluta

  • Account Manager

    Arnold Kitching

  • Information Security Officer


  • Head of Information Technology

    Jerone Alimpia

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