Outposter is a leading global outsourcing company, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with offices in the Philippines, Singapore and India. We provide staffing solutions to both large and small companies, short or long term projects. Outsourcing can be a gamble and we remove the risk by providing highly skilled staff, trained and vetted by us so we stand by the quality of their work. Our staff can provide customer support, direct marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, and more. We are dedicated to providing services that exceed expectations and bring value to your business.


Our mission is to provide highly-skilled specialists and professionals in offshoring for our client’s marketing, design, sales, and customer support needs with the most efficient way to produce results.

We do this by making use of tools in our arsenal that results in delivering exceptional service and a great customer experience for our clients. We aspire to improve the status quo and be a globally competitive company recognized by brands.


Our vision is to be a globally competitive offshoring company that improves the status quo.

We want to provide our clients with a highly-efficient system that gives the utmost value-added services.

We seek to foster a working environment that motivates and gives importance to our employees.


March 2007

Our founder Ben Pullen, launches for operations in Manila to support his Australian-based telecommunications company.

March 2010

Ben founded an independent Support Centre in Manila to service other businesses before selling it in 2015 with now over 600 employees.

February 2016

Outposter is founded in Brisbane and Manila.

November 2016

Outposter opens a presence in Singapore.

July 2018

We open up new offices in Kolkata, India.

July 2020

Outposter grows with a new presence in Sydney.

September 2020

Sam Clark is appointed as North America Manager and fosters further growth and support in the US and Canada.

Meet our awesome team.

At Outposter, we give the utmost value and importance to our employees.
Here's our extraordinary team that makes it all happen.

Ben Pullen


Belinda Soria

Country Manager

Nathan Platus


Bailey Grant

Account Manager

Dawn Julia Aviles

Senior Animator

May Phoebe Enriquez

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jaia Dela Rosa

Social Media Specialist

Jaia Dela Rosa

Social Media Specialist

Miguel Carino

Recruitment Specialist

Jacqueline Nalus

Virtual Assistant - Mercury

Rina Baltazar

Lead Generation Specialist

Angelu Cruz

Lead Generation Specialist

Mark Anthony Abainza

Lead Generation Specialist

Jessica Marie Zorilla

Lead Generation Specialist

Jessica Marie Zorilla

Lead Generation Specialist

Jerald Abenoja

Outbound Lead Generation

Khia Benin

Sales Operations

Frea Agwaking

Sales Operations

Joseph Poquiz

Sales Operations

Antonio Rodriguez

Recruitment Officer

Ralf Barce

Web Developer

Ralf Barce

Web Developer

Neslie Doguiles

Web Developer

Jasmin Jimenez

Loan Processor

Beverly Cortado

Loan Processor