Why Hiring Staff Working from Home is the Best Option

The Covid-19 pandemic has incredibly shifted how employees view their workplace environment setup. A lot more employees nowadays prefer the work-from-home arrangement since the pandemic happened. Remote work gives them less stress from commuting, more flexibility in their work schedule, and of course, spending more time with their family and loved ones. The work-from-home setup not only positively impacts the employees but also employers and companies all over the globe.

Here are the top 10 benefits of having a remote work setup for your company.

1. Reduce operational costs
One of the primary benefits of having your employees work from home is minimizing operational or overhead costs. When you have a non-remote setup, you need to regularly take care of office space rent, utilities, office supplies, employee meals, and coffee supplies. Likewise, this is also favorable for employees since they save up on transportation costs, business clothing, and day-to-day meals.

2. Lower turnover rate
Happy employees lead to employees who stay longer in the company. According to a report from Owl Labs on the State of Remote Work, companies that offer flexible work-from-home setup experience a 25% lower turnover rate compared to those that do not. This clearly shows how the remote work setup is favorable for both employees and employers. Not to mention the greater value that comes with this data. As we know, the cost of replacing a high-performing employee is considered twice or thrice as much as the current employee’s annual salary. The costs and team bandwidth to train a new hire are exceptionally high as well. Remote work also eliminates some of the key reasons why employees resign such as living situations, transportation, or physical conditions.

3. Higher team productivity
Often than not, employers think that having employees working in an office, 5 times a week, 8 or more hours a day, reach the highest productive capability. However, according to recent data, this begs to differ. Working from home gives employees more breathing space and flexibility to take advantage of their most productive working time. According to Apollo Technical’s latest productivity statistics, working remotely can increase an employee’s overall productivity by up to 77%. 30% of employees do more work in less time and 24% do more work in the same workday. If that doesn’t convince employers of the benefits of working from home, they are clearly missing out on the potential ROI (Return on investment) to the business.

4. More efficient communication and work setup
Remote work also gives employers a chance for more efficient and streamlined communications. Often with onsite work, many important conversations and projects get lost in translation because of the multiple communication channels individuals use such as video calls, in-person meetings, emails, texts, and phone calls. Keeping track of the most valuable tasks and projects becomes extra challenging. Remote work eliminates the pain of multiple communication channels and streamlines everything more effectively. In conclusion, having a more organised and efficient workflow setup in the company.

5. Wider opportunity for a talent pool
One of the other benefits of remote work is having access to a wider talent pool. Having a physical location often limits the talents you have access to. But with remote work, you have the advantage of hiring employees from all over the world. At the same time, remote work setup also improves diversity and inclusion in your workplace culture. Geographic concerns will no longer limit you to find the best talent there is.

6. Improved diversity and inclusion
Having the capability to hire employees from all around the world also improves the overall diversity and inclusion in your company. Employees want a company that values and make them feel like they belong. Not to mention, having diversity in your team, produces more out-of-the-box ideas and improvements that only come with a diverse workforce.

7. Better brand reputation in Talent Culture
Employers who offer flexible work-from-home setups have a positive look for both supporters and prospective talents. Individuals are more likely to support a company if they see that even the employees from the bottom up are treated well and valued. At the same time, this also attracts a lot of aspiring talents. Employees nowadays not only look for a higher salary and benefits compensation, but they also want to feel valued and have their other needs met.

8. More Flexible Business Days
Working from home and having employees who work from different time zones also positively impacts the business. Having employees who come from all around the world gives companies the flexibility to extend their business hours. With employees working morning, mid, and night shifts, you are assured that all your requests will be accomplished any time of the day. This is especially helpful for customer service support and other company and industry services.

9. Healthier and Happier Employees
Having employees working from home also leads to employees being healthier and happier. Not only do they have more freedom in managing their own time, but they are also less prone to illnesses that can be acquired when going out frequently. The potential cold and flu season is removed. Employees tend to use lesser sick leaves which overall improves the mental health, stress tolerance, and well-being of your team. Healthier and happier employees lead to a more productive workforce moving forward.

10. More sustainable company
“Sustainability” isn’t just a buzzword from the past. More and more, it is becoming one of the primary concerns for businesses to thrive in the long run. Having employees who work from home is sustainable. You lessen the contribution to carbon and greenhouse gases with commuting or driving to work being eliminated in the day-to-day life of your employees. You also use fewer resources by not having a physical office space that needs constant maintenance and use of utilities. Lastly, it also takes care of your employees’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a shift in the workforce industry. Now, it’s up to employers to be a step ahead of these changes. The remote work setup is here to stay. That’s why this should be considered by companies as early as now. Here in Outposter, we’ve already implemented the remote work setup. Let us help you and be your partner in outsourcing the best talents from all around the world.


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