10 Reasons Why You Should Work in an Outsourcing Company

It’s not every day you find a company that values the concept of having a good balance in work and life for their employees. In today’s working environment, having enough personal time, rest, and career growth are some of the key factors employees look for in a company. Not to mention, having a company that offers ethical and correct salary compensation and benefits is also a must for aspiring talents. With that being said, I guess those are some of the reasons that contributed to my tenured stay here in Outposter. Unlike other outsourcing companies, the management makes sure you are part of every success and growth. It’s nice how the team believes in both the entrepreneurial nature of Australian businesses and also gives importance to the natural talent Filipino workers have. All in all, bringing the two together for mutual growth.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I’m glad to be working with Outposter.

Full-time remote work

During the pandemic, a lot of companies resorted to working from home because of the COVID-19 virus. Some shifted to remote work because of health and safety concerns. While some companies decided that it was the best decision to minimise overhead costs and not lay off employees. Here in Outposter, it’s good that even before the pandemic started, we are already in a full-time remote work setup. With this in mind, we were equipped already with the necessary setup when COVID-19 hit the country. We were able to work in the comforts of our own homes while also delivering quality results to our clients. This was a huge plus since it lessened the stress of commuting, worries about health when going out, and also, having a more balanced work and life.

Remote but active team rapport activities

One thing I also appreciate in the company is the constant encouragement to promote team rapport activities. We usually have weekly catch-ups and simple icebreakers to build the team’s camaraderie. It’s also nice how the team has a light and refreshing energy. Getting along with everyone wasn’t a problem. Recently, we also had our Christmas party celebration. It was a pleasant experience to be able to meet in person the people you have been working with for a few years now. Of course, I’m also looking forward to the next team-building events that the company will do.

Employee care and  recognition

Outposter also gives value to employee care and recognition. It’s assuring to know that they don’t leave their employees behind. For example, they make sure that each employee has a client and is also given the necessary tools to grow in their skill set. They also make it a point to recognize all the hard work and dedication their employees do for the company.

The flexible working schedule for optimum productivity

Nowadays, flexibility in work conditions is one of the top things aspiring talents look out for when they job hunt. That’s why it’s a step forward that Outposter offers a flexible working schedule arrangement to some employees to have optimum productivity in their work. Not just that, but they are also understandable concerning your current circumstances or limitations. It’s nice to have a company that has the flexibility as well to adjust to their employees’ needs.

Career growth and expanding your skill set

I’m also glad to be given an opportunity to expand my skill set. As a content marketer by profession, it’s also nice to have a hand on other parts of the business. I believe this promotes a well-rounded team. Outposter also makes sure to guide its employees when needed. This is an aspect you don’t often see especially in the BPO industry here in the Philippines.

Have the opportunity to work with international clients

Being able to interface with different clients all around the world is a good opportunity as well for career growth. It’s nice to be exposed to this diverse industry since every meeting serves as a learning opportunity. Outposter makes sure that each of its employees gets to have this chance. I believe this further proves their mission for mutual growth with the company, employees, and clients.

Good onboarding process for new hires

I believe the company also has a good onboarding process for new employees. Even if you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, you won’t get the feeling of being overwhelmed since they guide you, especially during your first few months. Not to mention the proper documentation of processes to have a smooth onboarding experience for each of their new hires. Overall, I would also recommend the company for those just starting out or even for those who have work experience already.

Competitive salary packages

Outposter makes sure that their employees not only grow with them skill-wise but also financially-wise. The company offers salary packages that can compete with the established market value per role. They also provide the necessary financial merits if you excel at what you do

Gives you decision-making opportunities

I think being able to have a part in decision-making also contributes to employee satisfaction in their respective company. It’s good how the Outposter management encourages employees to think outside of the box or be able to voice out concerns or suggestions when it comes to working. It’s also nice how you don’t feel micromanaged with the work you do. This gives you a chance to have your ideas heard.

Provide necessary tools to employees

Outposter also assures to provide all the necessary tools such as office equipment, learning materials, and expertise-related applications to make an employee’s work more efficient and effective. At the same time, this also leads to happier clients who commend the work that we do.

All in all, working with Outposter has been a great experience so far. Are you considering working at an outsourcing company for your next job? Check out the current available roles here. We hope to see you at our next team meeting! Be with us in our mission to scale and grow offshore; efficiently, effectively and ethically.


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Once you hand over the role description, our in-house recruitment team will search through our existing networks to find potential candidates. We then conduct three separate interviews with the candidate. First, with our recruitment team, second with our Australian management, and the final one with you. All recruitment is free of charge, as your billing doesn't start until the day they start.

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