10 Ways That Outsourcing Will Grow Your Business

During the COVID-19 pandemic, unlike other industries, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies thrived. Especially the Philippine BPO industry. The industry, domestically, is said to contribute almost $30 billion to the economy each year (around 2% of GDP). and was one of the few industries during the pandemic that were still open for hiring new employees.

Currently, the BPO industry is the largest industry that gives the opportunity for employees to work from home. According to a 2022 report by Magellan Solutions, “The Philippines has improved its capacity to offer BPM and non-voice IT services to a wider international audience and has proven itself as one of the top locations for premium services at more affordable pricing points.”

With that in mind, here are 10 benefits of getting a BPO partner with a highly-skilled Filipino workforce for your company’s growth.

  1. Have time to focus on core business needs
    Usually as your team grows, it’s harder to manage the entirety of the business. Avoid getting drowned in all the administrative and basic operation tasks in managing your company. If you start outsourcing services, you will have more time and energy to focus on your business strategy and other high energy tasks that your company does. No need to worry about administrative tasks such as payroll, customer service, and other basic operating services, you will have a BPO partner to work beside you and get everything done.
  2. Save on company costs and expenses
    One of the key advantages of getting a BPO provider for your business is saving on costs and operational expenses. Usually a huge part of your company budget goes into staffing, hiring, onboarding, and training processes. Not only is it expensive, but also it takes time to execute and roll out. Outsourcing is the most cost efficient way to go. You get to have access to numerous expertises while saving costs. For example, here in Outposter, we give you a diverse pool of talents you can access depending on your company needs.
  3. Outsourcing is a time saver
    Most of the time an average employee will spend a whole work week doing repetitive work tasks. Save your team’s working time and let them focus on more important tasks for your business. This also gives your employees more variety on what they can work on and make them feel valued that all their abilities are used efficiently.
  4. Have access to a diverse pool of expertise
    Instead of hiring a new team for certain expertise needs in your business, hire a BPO partner. This saves you time and cost for hiring, onboarding, and training a new team. Having a reliable and affordable BPO partner like Outposter gives you access to highly-trained and skilled individuals who can focus on your non-core business functions. From virtual assistance, e-commerce support, mortgage broker support, web development, social media and content strategy handling, we can do these services for you.
  5. Greater work efficiency
    Having a BPO partner for your business organises and streamlines your non-core business functions. Experts from your BPO partner will handle all these tasks for you. In return, this saves you time and costs, and also, increases your overall team productivity. Outsourcing gives your company more time to focus on the key functions and values of your business.
  6. Advantageous for international expansion
    If you are looking into your company expanding internationally, having a BPO partner makes the process easier. For example, if you are looking into expanding in the Philippines, having a BPO company located there is an advantage since they already know the landscape and industry concerns.
  7. Maintain your company’s organisation
    Apart from making international expansion easier, BPO partners also help in maintaining your company’s overall organisation. If you are planning to be present in multiple countries, BPO partners can help with coordination and organisation to your various branch companies. In addition, BPO partners like this usually operate in various countries so they are clearly experienced in handling this type of practice. For example, here in Outposter, we are currently present in Australia and Manila.
  8. Have your customers needs met
    Usually if you are a business to consumer company (B2C), customer service is a great part of your company function. However, this service tends to be time consuming and takes a lot from your manpower. By partnering with a BPO company like Outposter, you are assured that your customer service needs are met and your employees can work on other vital functions in your company.
  9. Good source of customer feedback
    In return, once you have a dedicated BPO partner working for your customer service unit, you are also assured that your customers are well taken care of. It also promotes a positive brand reputation among your customers. This results in good feedback from your customers. You will also have an opportunity to collect valuable customer feedback since BPO partners usually interface with customers first-hand. This helps you improve the products and services you provide in the long run.
  10. Have access to latest technologies in your industry
    Rather than purchasing expensive software or technology for your company, it’s more cost efficient to hire a BPO partner instead. Especially if you are a small to medium enterprise, it’s better to allot a budget to other departments in your company. Most of the time, these BPO partners already have access to certain softwares and technologies related to the expertise needed by your company.

Currently, outsourcing in the Philippines deems to have a lot of opportunities since they go beyond the usual basic business functions.Especially hiring Filipino BPO workers who are not only good in basic tasks, but also very much capable and good at contributing to the entire company’s function in the business. Are you looking into partnering with a BPO company for some of your company’s services? Look no further! Here in Outposter, we help you scale and grow your business; efficiently, effectively, and ethically. Know more about the services we offer here.


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If you are thinking of a specific role, chances are that someone has already found a staff member in the Philippines to do it. With high-speed internet available in the Philippines, anything that can be done on a PC or a phone can be done overseas. Everything from animation to engineering.

Generally, if we have staff members available within our organisation, you can get started on the same day. If we don’t, it will usually take between 3 to 6 weeks after we have custom designed your process/campaign to find a qualified professional.

We take data security and privacy of our client information very seriously. In our 15 years of operating in the Philippines, we have never had any data breaches. Every staff member handling sensitive information is required to use Teramind, a security tracking software, which is included in your price. This reports back to management and our full-time data security team of any potential breaches of our policies, which are all based on the internationally recognised security system ISO27001.

Once you hand over the role description, our in-house recruitment team will search through our existing networks to find potential candidates. We then conduct three separate interviews with the candidate. First, with our recruitment team, second with our Australian management, and the final one with you. All recruitment is free of charge, as your billing doesn't start until the day they start.

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